He answered, "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Luke 10:27

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Do You Trust Him?

At times we get so worked up and upset about trials and tribulations that we can’t see clearly. If we would stop for a second we would realize they come to make us strong and when trouble comes our way God is getting us prepared for a blessing. When you see all hell breaking loose get ready get ready, God is about to send down His grace. We need to have the attitude, the more tribulations the more glory, the more disappointments the more understanding, the more failed attempts the more growth, the more people who let you down the more times He’ll pick you up, the more punches thrown at you the more you’ll learn how to bob and weave each blow. To sum it all up, the main thing about life is knowing regardless of your situation God’s grace is sufficient enough to get you through any and every predicament we put ourselves in so don’t give up. If you are going through some tough times just tell God right then and there when you are at your breaking point, “Lord I trust you. I know that this is a part of my life where I need to grow and I know I need to learn to put all my trust in you. I know you will never leave me, even when I feel alone you will always only be a whisper away. Thank you for divine blessings being prepared even as I pray this prayer. In Jesus name AMEN”. I pray you all have a wonderful, blessed day…stay encouraged and know that God loves YOU! ❤️

Our Words Have Power

Today we need to have the attitude of “I can” instead of “I can’t”. Most people don’t realize the words that come out of our mouth directly affects what happens in our lives. The more you speak positive things in your life the better your life will be. When I say that I don’t mean that bad things won’t happen in your life, that’s not true, bad things are apart of life but we don’t have to be a slave to anything. We don’t have to accept these things as if they are here to stay forever. If something happens in your life causing you pain or despair pray with praise so God can activate His supernatural work to get you through it. I’m a firm believer that positive thinking can change your life even when things don’t look good, that’s why I choose to live a positive life and speak over myself everyday because I want a prosperous life. The struggles I’m facing right know aren’t permanent and they have no power over my future so I refuse to live a hopeless life and I refuse to be negative. God already told me that this too shall pass and I believe Him. I know He’s already there at my future and sees my success so I claim that good things are about to happen. God is renewing my mind today. He’s removing all obstacles in my life that’s keeping me from my destiny and He is doing all of this for me not because I’ve been so good but because He is so GREAT! I want to encourage you guys to think positive thoughts even when things look like there’s no turning point, remember the God we serve is MIGHTY and He can make anything possible. We just have to believe! Have a blessed day, stay encouraged and know that God loves YOU! ❤️


There’s a lot of people who believe in luck. When they are promoted to a better job when there are several people more suited for the position, they shout about how lucky they are or when their money is acting kind a funny and someone who they may not even know helps them with a few of their bills, they speak about luck was on there side. The truth of the matter is luck had nothing to do with either of these examples. The thing society labels as luck is the favor of God acting in our lives. According to the text read in learnthebible.org, “To favor means to give special regard to; to treat with goodwill; to show exceptional kindness to someone”, with that being said, favor from a biblical stand point is the supernatural goodwill given to us from God. There’s no need to carry around a four leaf clover to get this favor. God chooses who and He chooses when to use favor in our lives. People often think favor is just for the righteous and that’s not true. Granted He does bless those who are doing His will with favor but He also blesses those who are not doing His will. Why would He do this? Well in spite of what the world may think, He loves them just as much as He loves the folks who are doing His will. He just hates the sins that they commit and He will give favor to them so that they can come to see who He is. If He supernaturally comes in with favor to someone who is lost and helps them find a job you never know they may think hard about how was this possible with little education and no experience and sooner or later they will come to realize that there is no other explanation but the favor of God acting on their behalves. Today we need to stop looking for luck and start looking for God! He will make the humanly impossible possible when we but our faith in Him! Have a blessed day, stay encouraged and know that God loves YOU! ❤️

Are You Making Time For Jesus?

In today society everything is fast paced and it seems that we have little to no time for anything. We rush to get ready for work. We rush to get breakfast cooked for the kids. We rush to get the kids to school. We rush to get to work, running in with coffee in one hand and lunch in the other. The whole time we are at work we are rushing the time by so we can get home to help with homework, do dinner & prepare the kids for bed. In all this busyness when do we have time for Jesus? Granted life is chaotic at times, but we MUST make time for our relationship with Jesus! We cannot survive this evil cruel world without Him. Without making time to talk to Jesus, constantly learning of God’s word and keeping prayer on the tips of our tongue we are defenseless against the enemy and his evil army and whenever we are defenseless it makes us vulnerable for attack. I’m not saying when you study God’s word or keep a praying tongue you won’t get attack, because you will, but if you are attacked you are equipped with the weapons that will bring you victory so I encourage you guys if you don’t have a relationship with Jesus do it now, establish one. If you don’t know how, start out with a simple prayer, “Lord I believe that you exist. I’m ready to make you my savior. Please come into my heart and help me with this journey we call life. In Jesus name AMEN”. If you say a prayer even as small as this you have taken the first step to the best thing that could happen to you, a relationship with Jesus. Have a blessed Sunday, stay encouraged and know that Jesus loves YOU!! ❤️

Let There Be No Compromise When It Comes To Your Salvation

It’s hard being single. I use to find myself feeling lonely. Feeling is if I needed someone to fill a void in my life but as I grew closer to God that all changed. He replaced that loneliness with JOY. It reminds me of that song we use to sing in our youth choir as a child, ‘Have A Little Talk With Jesus’. I quickly found out the more I talked to Him the better I felt. I know now that through the failed relationships in the past they all had the same common mistake; God was not in them. I knew I never truly was happy but I continued to try to pursue them knowing something was wrong. Praise God for wisdom through failed attempts though…HALLELUJAH!! It took me many years and a lot of prayers to understand why my relationships were failing. So what I’m getting at is; no child of God deserves to be with someone who is not encouraging him or her to Christ. If a man or woman will not pray with you, worship with you or knowledge God with you what are you gaining from him or her? A relationship without God as the foundation is deemed to fail. You can not change the heart of any man or woman. Yes, we can try to encourage them but it’s up to them to put in the work to become the man or woman God created them to be. So if you are diligently seeking God’s will and your significant other has no intention of seeking him, what do you think you will gain from this relationship? A life of uncomfortable moments. Times when you not only doubt yourself but doubt God’s existence and we don’t want to take steps backwards. We want to move forward in faith. So, if he or she will not willingly chose Jesus to reign over their lives you need to re-exam this so call ‘love of your life’. He or she is not worth your salvation that Jesus freely gave to us at the cross!! We should refuse to compromise our salvation for anyone and trust in the Lord and His timing for our future spouse!!