He answered, "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" Luke 10:27

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Vlog: A Moment of Thanks

Are You Making Time For Jesus?

In today society everything is fast paced and it seems that we have little to no time for anything. We rush to get ready for work. We rush to get breakfast cooked for the kids. We rush to get the kids to school. We rush to get to work, running in with coffee in one hand and lunch in the other. The whole time we are at work we are rushing the time by so we can get home to help with homework, do dinner & prepare the kids for bed. In all this busyness when do we have time for Jesus? Granted life is chaotic at times, but we MUST make time for our relationship with Jesus! We cannot survive this evil cruel world without Him. Without making time to talk to Jesus, constantly learning of God’s word and keeping prayer on the tips of our tongue we are defenseless against the enemy and his evil army and whenever we are defenseless it makes us vulnerable for attack. I’m not saying when you study God’s word or keep a praying tongue you won’t get attack, because you will, but if you are attacked you are equipped with the weapons that will bring you victory so I encourage you guys if you don’t have a relationship with Jesus do it now, establish one. If you don’t know how, start out with a simple prayer, “Lord I believe that you exist. I’m ready to make you my savior. Please come into my heart and help me with this journey we call life. In Jesus name AMEN”. If you say a prayer even as small as this you have taken the first step to the best thing that could happen to you, a relationship with Jesus. Have a blessed Sunday, stay encouraged and know that Jesus loves YOU!! ❤️

Prayer Changes Things

At times we have worries, debts, children who are out of control, a job that just doesn’t pay the bills etc. etc. and we try to take it upon ourselves and fix these things instead of taking these things to the alter for God to fix them. Why? Why do we do this time and time again with the same results, either it doesn’t fix the problem or it fixes the problem temporarily and it repeats itself over and over again. How many times do we have to fall and try to fix our own selves up before we realize that we have a MIGHTY God who can do all things? We have a God who is waiting to hear from us. We have a God who loves us more than ourselves. We have a God that is merciful. A God that can make a way out of no way. Why keep it to ourselves when all He wants us to do is pray about it. He wants us to first acknowledge who He is and believe in His abilities so He can help us in our walk on this earth. We need to stop cleaning up our own messes on our own and start taking these messes to the alter. Praying is easy. All you have to do is talk to God. Tell Him what’s on your mind. Here’s an example of a quick prayer in times of worry and stress:
“Father God I need your will in my life. Please mold me and shape me so that I can handle any problem that comes my way. I know I need you Lord. I’m so tired of doing things my way with the same results. My way has failed me time and time again so I give it to you because I know you’re a God that never fails. A God that knows what’s best for my life so have your way with my burden oh Lord. In Jesus name I pray Amen”
If we could pray just a simple prayer like this with a sincere heart what a wonderful life we would have! Stay encouraged, be blessed and know that God loves YOU!!

Learn To Take The Good With The Bad

In life we have to take the good with the bad. Not everybody that says “I love you” means it and not everybody who appears to be your friend is truly your friend. So never be surprised by what people do to you or do against you. Jesus was a perfect man free of sin and look what they did to him. If people could abuse, beat, spit, kick, hang and do all unimaginable things to a perfect man why would you ever believe they wouldn’t be cruel, mean, abusive and hateful to you? They will but brothers and sisters know that anything that we go through in life will never compare to the abuse Jesus endured for you and me. Always remember no weapons formed against you will prosper when you have Jesus in your life. Be blessed!! ❤